For more than 20 years, Freightrus has been functional in this industry. Since that time to till now, we have been delivering logistic services on time. Further, multitude services are our valuable offering to our customers, so that they may choose services according to their business needs. We invest time as well as efforts in technology as we believe it adds to the customer’s experience by enhancing our efficiency in terms of the output.

Heavy Machinery Transportation Service

Every day we take challenges to meet the evolving dynamic needs of this industry. Everytime we succeed in it as we have developed a network of related industries in order to ensure quality solution of even most complex service demands.

Heavy Machinery Transport

Our action is simple-we identify needs of customers, provide timely solutions, ask them about their feedback and try to improve our efficiency accordingly. With freight transportation as our core competency, we strive to offer logistics, warehousing, import, cross-docking and related services with similar proficiency.

Other Services

Ocean Freight Forwarder

ocean freight

Ocean transportation is key to the strong global supply chain management. Therefore being one of the leading ocean freight forwarding company, Freightrus offers efficient and reliable ocean

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Freight Companies In Miami


Freightrus offers air cargo, air express, door to door to charter freight services. Our diverse air services are designed to meet specific cost and business needs of our customers.

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cargo charters Miami


Getting shipment from vendors quickly and in the best possible rates. Further, we arrange to pick up from the vendor location to coordination of ultimate delivery.

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cargo charters


With a vast network of the warehouse, we offer excellent third party logistic solutions according to your requirement. Talk us to know more.

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