White glove delivery service

Shipping of delicate furniture or another type of items requires a high level of care and attention, therefore Freightrus has come up with white glove services, where our customers are not responsible for the moving, packaging, loading and unloading of items. Their items will be picked up and delivered inside the destination. Further, our expert will unpack the good for you. We want to reduce efforts of our customer, therefore offer door to door service where one can escape from the hassle of packaging items for shipping.

White Glove Delivery Service is the highest level service or support that a freight forwarding company can offer. For vendors, it is the time to impress customers to drive repeat business. Therefore access unparalleled network of Freightrus for White Glove Delivery in Miami whenever you want.

Enjoy additional services with White Glove Services:-

  • De-installation and installation services
  • Pre-inspection and post inspection of destination
  • Assembly and configuration for product set-ups
  • Highly trained professionals to handle this shipment.
White glove Miami | White Glove Delivery Service Miami

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“If you ship with us the local transport to the airport or port will be free of charge for the first two standard pallets”


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